Last Run of the Summer

The theme for Septembers Daz Freebie Challenge was “Boys and their Hot Wheels”. The idea was kind of a end of summer last fling for the kids and their wheeled toys. Of course with a title like that there was a lot of grumbling that girls liked their wheels too, which sparked the idea of a girls vs boys race.

Since it was the freebie challenge coming up with something suitable for the kids to race was a bit of a problem but I found a nice soapbox car and everything just kind of fell into place. I was very happy with how this one came out and I’m even happier that it won 2nd place.

The list of items used:

Zev0’s Growing Up

Not Counted:
Genesis w/child morph (both boys)
Genesis 2 Female (both girls)
Wildmane Hair (Sam’s hair)
Sally Mae Hair (Fan Girls hair)
Plane Primitive for the finish line

Samantha Hair: Wancow’s Samantha Hair for Genesis *
Samantha Shoes: Headkase’s Sensible Soes 2.0 for V4 *
Samantha Clothing: Short & Shirt for Genesis *

Sam Morphs: Die Trying’s 182 V4 Morphs for Genesis *
Sam Shoes: K4 Sickle Teeny Sneakers *
Sam Shirt: 8 T-Shirts for Genesis *
Sam Shorts: Wilmaps Genesis Football Kit *

Fan Girl Dress: G2F Childrens Dress *

Fan Boy Shirt: Sickle Snug Tank for Genesis *
Fan Boy Shorts: Rose’s Willow for V4 *
Fan Boy Shoes: Genesis Bossy Boots *
Fan Boy Hair: Soto’s Flat Top for Genesis *

Fan Boy & Girl poses: Body Talk for Genesis: Arms *
Fan Boy & Sam Shorts Texture: Wilmaps Assorted Textures 3 *

Carts: Soapbox Cart *
Cat: 3DU Kitty *
Astronaut: Mark III Spacesuit

Roadway: Open Road *
Lights/Background: Shifting Images Mountain Scene *


The Piano Lesson

The Piano Lesson

Daz has a thing called the Platinum Club. For a fee (you can pay monthly, quarterly or yearly) you get 30% off new releases for the first 60 days, 30% off of “Daz Original” items, a coupon good for $6.00 off the purchase of any Daz Original every month and over 2000 items priced at $2.99 or $1.99. These $1.99 items are called Platinum Club (PC) items and every week they add at least 4 new items to the list along with releasing a weekly free item for PC members.

These releases happen on Wednesday (actually Tuesday night) and every Wednesday they start a new week long contest for you to create a render using at least 1 of these items. The winner gets their image in the next weeks PC Bulletin email with then new releases along with a gift card.

This was my first attempt at entering this one and it’s for the 8/7 contest. The items that week were a new texture for the ballroom set (which was also on sale at $1.65), an evening gown outfit, additional textures for the evening gown and a set of couple poses. For this one I used the Ballroom textures as well as the evening gown and it’s additional texture pack.


The Piano Lesson
The Piano Lesson


Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

As part of working out ideas for what I want to write for this years NaNoWriMo I’ve been putting together some storyboard scenes. This is one of those and I also used it as a contest entry over at Daz for July.

I’m not 100% happy with it as a render, the posing could use some work, but as a quick storyboard idea I think it works great.


Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea

Tea Break

Tea Break

This was done as an entry in the RRRR Summer Challenge on the Daz forums. The idea was to get a numbered list of all of the stuff in your content library then use a random number generator to pull 4 random items from that list and build a render around those 4 items.

My 4 items were A Curious Pub building set, Modern Bed, an armor outfit and a 50’s style outfit.


Tea Break
Tea Break

The Titanium Detective

Titanium Dective

This was my entry for the May Freebie Challenge over on the Daz Forums.

For a first attempt at creating a contest entry I’m pretty happy with how it came out and it even won an honorable mention.


Titanium Dective
The Titanium Detective

Testing the waters

This domain is mainly used to test out different web platforms and ideas so don’t come here expecting a lot. Much of what happens here happens in the background.

That said, there are links here for some of my other sites so feel free to browse those.

An Experiment of Sorts

Under Construction

Over the last several months I’ve found myself drawn into using Daz Studio so I’ve decided to make use of this domain to hold all of my DS and other 3D works. I’ve also created a wiki that I’ll be adding the useful bits of info I get from the forums (

I’ll be posting some of my finished renders along with works in progress so I can track my progress. I’ve also been entering a few of the forum contests so I’ll post those entries here once the contest is over.


Under Construction
Under Construction