Last Run of the Summer

The theme for Septembers Daz Freebie Challenge was “Boys and their Hot Wheels”. The idea was kind of a end of summer last fling for the kids and their wheeled toys. Of course with a title like that there was a lot of grumbling that girls liked their wheels too, which sparked the idea of a girls vs boys race.

Since it was the freebie challenge coming up with something suitable for the kids to race was a bit of a problem but I found a nice soapbox car and everything just kind of fell into place. I was very happy with how this one came out and I’m even happier that it won 2nd place.

The list of items used:

Zev0’s Growing Up

Not Counted:
Genesis w/child morph (both boys)
Genesis 2 Female (both girls)
Wildmane Hair (Sam’s hair)
Sally Mae Hair (Fan Girls hair)
Plane Primitive for the finish line

Samantha Hair: Wancow’s Samantha Hair for Genesis *
Samantha Shoes: Headkase’s Sensible Soes 2.0 for V4 *
Samantha Clothing: Short & Shirt for Genesis *

Sam Morphs: Die Trying’s 182 V4 Morphs for Genesis *
Sam Shoes: K4 Sickle Teeny Sneakers *
Sam Shirt: 8 T-Shirts for Genesis *
Sam Shorts: Wilmaps Genesis Football Kit *

Fan Girl Dress: G2F Childrens Dress *

Fan Boy Shirt: Sickle Snug Tank for Genesis *
Fan Boy Shorts: Rose’s Willow for V4 *
Fan Boy Shoes: Genesis Bossy Boots *
Fan Boy Hair: Soto’s Flat Top for Genesis *

Fan Boy & Girl poses: Body Talk for Genesis: Arms *
Fan Boy & Sam Shorts Texture: Wilmaps Assorted Textures 3 *

Carts: Soapbox Cart *
Cat: 3DU Kitty *
Astronaut: Mark III Spacesuit

Roadway: Open Road *
Lights/Background: Shifting Images Mountain Scene *


The Titanium Detective

Titanium Dective

This was my entry for the May Freebie Challenge over on the Daz Forums.

For a first attempt at creating a contest entry I’m pretty happy with how it came out and it even won an honorable mention.


Titanium Dective
The Titanium Detective